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Unique and special relationship / Insource with major companies. Entrenched in the market place. Ensure your application bypasses the pile and straight into the hand of the right person at the right time

What would we want from an agency


•   To only tell our story once, not over and over. To tell it to someone that really hears what we are saying and understands what we want, not what they want to hear.

•   To work with a consultant who is not just aware of the market but an integral part of it. Someone that can get our application where it needs to go.

•   A consultant that doesn’t just send our CV to a job, but creates a specifically focused action plan and tenaciously goes to market on my behalf. Using their web of connections to engage clients directly and sell my skill set and attributes.

•   To remove the stress of job searching and application completion. Relaxed in the knowledge that we were in safe hands, a completely confidential and professional service. Working with someone that will contact me at a time that suits me, any time of the day, to ensure we are fully engaged and debriefed on all activity.

•   Someone that was dedicated to ensuring the longevity of our career, not just a quick fix. It’s always beneficial to stay in touch with our market place, through market trend reporting, legislation and cutting edge technology. Tools that will ensure we can maximise our presence in our current role and beyond.

•   In short, a partner. Someone that maximises our potential, pushes us to the next level and facilitates our success.

Wouldn’t you want that too?