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With specific industry experience across Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Technology and Engineering, Holt Executive Ltd is recognised as a leading Professional Services and Engineering Recruitment specialist covering the whole of the UK, as well internationally. We have extensive experience delivering both permanent and interim recruitment projects across our core areas.

Here at Holt Executive, we have a proven track record when working with SME’s all the way up to FTSE 100 prestige organisations. We offer a consultative approach providing bespoke recruitment solutions. We also pride ourselves in having the flexibility and experience to tailor our recruitment processes to suit the specific needs of clients, as well as candidates.

With access to an exclusive network of over 25,000 professionals, we offer bespoke services such as salary benchmarking, executive searches and market trend analysis plus many more. Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates by providing them with the best delivery and highest quality service possible.

What would I want from an agency?

A buzz word has never been so poignant. Skillset is simply not enough. Gone are the days of agents keyword matching on Linkedin. Effective consultancy cannot be achieved without an absolute understanding of a client’s brand, social climate, consumer goals and unique focus.
In a world of options, a candidate’s key motivators need to be discovered and aligned with clients offer. The collective goal being the longevity of their retention.

Clever Resourcing or Fresh Approach
An agency must step out of the usual realms of the recruitment sphere to ensure that they provide you with not only the obvious candidate market, but using their unique skills to effectively identify, source and entice the very best talent.

Active or Passive?
The endless recruitment debate. A consultancy must appreciate and maximise both aspects of the candidate market. An effective recruitment solution sweeps all major and specific job sites to ensure they have a finger on all available candidates the second they come to market. Being a specialist agency immersed in the industry network is the only true way to connect with passive candidates. Social media connections, relentless talent pooling, variable specific marketing and engaging interaction all lead to precise and exciting candidate generation.

First Impression and Brand
Professionalism, knowledge, passion and trust are what a consultancy must represent when going to market with your company. The brand is everything. A recruitment company is the first impression a candidate has of your company and the competencies of the companies you work with. A consultancy must be a brand ambassador that is transferring the profile of your company and its offerings to market.

Why we don’t lose staff and how this helps you
“It’s a scientific fact happy employees are almost 20% more productive”. Everyone offers account management and customer service but in an industry with a national staff turnover averaging of up to 43% per year, can they really provide it?

Holt Executive has had an under 5% staff turnover per year over the last 10 years, so our consultants will be with you for the long term, truly understanding you and your business. This is how we do it.

Working environment
State of the art industrial style office with an overwhelming theme of social interaction, from artificial grass, table tennis, pool tables to external speakers doing life talks.

It’s easy to motivate staff with money, but financial gain is rarely the way to create long term motivation, culture, attitude, belonging and giving back. Our team is motivated and rewarded by the quality of service and candidate retention as well as successfully filling your roles.

With a policy of no hard-hitting KPI’s the consultants have the opportunity to provide true service to clients. Rewarded with life experience as bonuses, we ensure our consultants are feeling mentally stimulated and driven. We understand pats on the back and creating belonging is what’s really important.

Every company has charities they follow and donations they make but are they fully committed to giving back? Among the constant fundraising events and activities we decided that that isn’t enough. Our pledge is to give a percentage of every placement to a fund that we spend on changing our local community. Explore our charity page and our latest donations to Victoria School.